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Introducing Q Waits

One app to check in virtually to any business

Download CutaQ - App to check wait times for businesses
Download CutaQ - App to check wait times for businesses

Check-in to any business virtually. No need to wait physically in the queue. Get notified when it is your turn. Get live updates on wait times and queues for grocery stores, supermarkets, walk-in clinics, banks, retail, salons, government agencies and more.

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CutaQ - App to check wait times for businesses

Our Story

Waiting in line for a service is always a cause of frustration for all of us. A pre-notion of having to wait, makes us look for alternatives.

With capacity regulations now in place, you may have to spend extra time waiting in the queue for any business you go.

With Q Waits, you can check-in to a place remotely. You can check-in from home, office, your car, or any other place. Q Waits does the wait for you while you spend time in doing something you want.

You will get notified when your turn is nearing, so that you can reach there by the time your turn comes up.

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Features List

We are continuously working to get more features to this app, to make queuing a pleasant experience for everyone.

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Check-in from anywhere, your home, office, car as per your convenience.

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If you are nearing your turn but you need more time to reach, step back in the queue.

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Standing right in-front of the store? Check-in easily using their QR code.



Know how long you have to wait before you check-in and plan accordingly.

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No need to maintain separate apps. Check-in at multiple places using the same app.

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For regular check-in, set the business as favourite. Find them easily at a later time.

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Give more information during check-in for faster and efficient processing.



Browse in your native language. Supports English, French, Spanish, Hindi, Bengali.

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See everything near you, based on your location. See all wait times and queue lengths.

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It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

This app allows you to check-in to a business remotely. No need to wait in the queue physically. Spend time in shopping, or other important work while Q Waits does the wait for you.

Also help your community by reporting wait times and queues on any store you visit. Go to the app, find the store from the list and report wait times and queues.

Search any store from the search screen. You can also search based on categories like groceries, walk-in clinics, banks etc.

Save a store as Favorites. This makes finding it easier at a later time.

Get directions to the store directly from the app.

How much does it cost?

This app is free to use and we will try to keep it like this forever.

This app uses some paid services internally like Google maps. For us to pay for these services, we might show some ads on the screen which will help us to keep moving.

What we own?

Q Waits is not responsible for any data available on its app. Q Waits only provides the platform for sharing information. All information is provided by the people, for the people.

How often are there updates to the App?

We are working hard  to add more and more features based on your feedback. So updates will be more frequent. We request you to upgrade the app whenever you get a notification for upgrade.

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Download CutaQ - App to check wait times for businesses
Download CutaQ - App to check wait times for businesses

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