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About us

Q Waits offers a series of products for businesses and is owned by Boolean Array, a company based in Canada. Here, our customers come first. We have the lowest prices for products like virtual queuing, NFC products, QR code products and a few others in the pipeline coming into the market soon.

We take pride in our products, let us show you.

Our history

October 2011

July 2018

August 2020

December 2020

March 2023

Boolean Array formed

First came up as an IT Services software development company, Boolean Array has a strong team in the backend and is proudly in the business since 2011.

Proximity marketing product (Near Notify)

With proximity marketing being the trend in 2018, Boolean Array launched a proximity marketing product (Near Notify) to help businesses attract customers by promoting their products on customer's phone.

Q Waits

During the difficult times in 2020, where people were stuck in their homes, going out to get groceries was a challenge. Boolean Array launched an app to help the community to know about wait times in the stores near them.

Q Waits Business

Q Waits Business was created to control crowd inside a business premise. Using an app a business can call a customer inside, who otherwise were waiting in a virtual queue. This was a huge success.

Q Waits NFC

Q Waits NFC is the modern way to share information between users. With this users can make a tap to share information like reviews, business cards and many more.

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