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PCA-Palla Road pallimongal samity

Name of the Puja committee / club / organization * Palla Road pallimongal samity

Popularly known as Palla Road pallimongal samity

Inaugural year * 2020

Celebrity endorsements (if any) Biswanath Basu

Zone Burdwan

Address * Palla Road, Memari, Purba bardhaman, 713151

Nearest landmark Palla Road girls high school

Name (Official contact person) * Sandipan Sarkar

Phone (Official contact person) * 9679306135

Theme of Durga Puja 2020 along with short description * Some decisions have been taken in view of the situation of covid in Durga Puja Bong 1428 Eng 2020 of Pallimangal Samiti which is being published today for the benefit of all ..... 1) The theme of this time is "SADAY KALOY, ALOY VALOY", the idol is in the old style, the mandapa is in the style of open theater, the radiance of Sabekiana will shine in the work of light. 2) There is no gate or restriction to maintain the social distance of the visitors in the mandapa. 3) There is a rush on the gathering of devotees during the puja and some restrictions are being imposed, we will allow the gathering of maximum 100 people to sit in the puja according to the social distance, we will allow the gathering of maximum 100 people, this seat will be distributed on first come first serve basis. 4) No fan / visitor without mask will be allowed to enter the puja premises, sanitation will be provided at the entrance. 5) No prasadam will be distributed on our behalf this time; Those who come to offer pujo are requested to bring pujo in whole fruits and covered containers 6) Brambhan, Dhaki, Pandel staff, Sound Light and other staff and all the volunteers who will be in charge of conducting the pujo this time will have free covid test on our behalf before and after the pujo. 6) The procession for the immersion of Pujo will not be this time, the idol will be unveiled in the back irrigation canal from the mandapa premises in Dwadashi during the day. 7) Pujo grant / donation will be approached to the people like last year, the donation is not increasing, everyone will accept the grant as much as possible 9) 111 families will be provided with new clothes or food items (any 1) and 22 families will be provided with new clothes and food items before Panchami. 10) No fair is being organized in the puja premises at this time. If a fair owner wants to shop with all due diligence, he may consider submitting an application with a bond of caution if administrative permission is granted. 11) Pallimangal Samiti will provide financial assistance of Rs. 2500 to 10 pujos and Rs. 5000 to 5 pujos in the vicinity of Pallimangal Samiti. 12) For those who can't go to the mandapa slowly or who want to worship in the mandapa of Pallimangal Samiti even if they don't come to the mandapa, a mobile tableau will go around different places of the district including local area from 6th to 10th which is also safe for pavement. Will run awareness campaigns 13. There will be live broadcasting from Pujo Mandap on Pallimangal's Facebook page and local cable. 14) If the administrative permission is obtained, a 4-day cultural program of Pujo may be arranged in accordance with the rules of hygiene

When did you start Social Media presence? * 2015

Social message 2020 & Uniqueness pertaining to social media * "Safe drive Save life" Special program.

Instagram handle

Twitter handle

Some facts to ponder about your Durga Puja 2020? * Help to poor people

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Arnab Roy
Arnab Roy
Oct 15, 2020

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