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PCA - Kestopur Prafullakanan (Poschim) Adhibasibrinda

Name of the Puja committee / club / organization * Kestopur Prafullakanan (Poschim) Adhibasibrinda

Popularly known as KPPA [Kestopur Prafullakanan (Poschim) Adhibasibrinda]

Inaugural year * 2003

Celebrity endorsements (if any) No

Zone East Zone

Address * Prafullakanan(west), Kestopur, Kolkata - 700101

Nearest landmark SD Tower

Name (Official contact person) * Ranjit Chakraborty (Club Secretary)

Theme of Durga Puja 2020 along with short description * "In search of light from darkness".. "আঁধার থেকে আলোর সন্ধানে"..

When did you start Social Media presence? * 2012

Social message 2020 & Uniqueness pertaining to social media * Wear mask, Use santizers, Maintain social distances.

Facebook handle

Instagram handle

Twitter handle

Some facts to ponder about your Durga Puja 2020? * Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) safety and health as per Government guidelines in relate to prevailing Pandemic are as follows:- OxVgen Cylinders. Ambulance Mask and sanitizer. Fire extinguisher. There will be two beds if someone suddenly falls ill. Maintain social distances.


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