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PCA-Dum Dum Park Tarun Sangha

Name of the Puja committee / club / organization Dum Dum park Tarun Sangha

Popularly known as Tarun Sangha

Inaugural year 1986

Celebrity endorsements (if any)


Address Dum dum park,, kolkata 700055

Nearest landmark Tank 3

Name (Official contact person) Protishodh Ray

Phone (Official contact person) 9883099242

Theme of Durga Puja 2020 along with short description Cholo Paltai.

When did you start Social Media presence? 2017

Social message 2020 & Uniqueness pertaining to social media Happy Puja, keep mask on and get sanitiz .

Facebook handle

Instagram handle

Twitter handle

Some facts to ponder about your Durga Puja 2020? We love our club, and hard work has paid us our love and affection for durga puja. Our pandal is for every one.


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