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PCA-Ballygunge Cultural Association

Name of the Puja committee / club / organization

Ballygunge Cultural Association

Popularly known as BCA

Inaugural year 1951

Celebrity endorsements (if any) Our well wishers and Lovers

Zone South

Address 57 Jatin Das Road ,Kolkata-700029

Nearest landmark Priya Cinema Hall

Name (Official contact person) Dr Saptarshi Basu

Phone (Official contact person) 9831255564

Theme of Durga Puja 2020 along with short description Ballygunge Cultural 2020 : Concept Note Our pandal seeks to invoke Ma Durga’s divine intervention to overcome the pandemic and its consequent miseries . It is inspired by the fact that this year Ma Durga’s departure will be on Elephant - Gaje Gomon. Going by mythology , this is supposed to bring prosperity in the year to come . Accordingly , our pandal will be adorned by two large elephants in white on either side of the goddess. The other traditional motifs / elements will also be in white to underline people’s acute need for peace of mind in the aftermath of what they have gone through. Our traditional ek-chala pratima in a red background will of course be the centre piece so that we can all collectively pray for restoration of normalcy in a world fraught with the specter of a ‘new normal’. We at Ballygunge Cultural sincerely believe that , with the blessings of Ma Durga , we shall overcome ...

When did you start Social Media presence? 2014

Social message 2020 & Uniqueness pertaining to social media Stay Safe ,Avoid Crowd Enjoy Pujo Digitally

Instagram handle

Twitter handle

Some facts to ponder about your Durga Puja 2020? A safe Pujo .... where safety of our Visitors comes first ..implementing all safety norms , Helping Amphan Stricken areas by donating Relief and donation to CM relief fund , Planting tree,distributing Sanitiser and mask to Lake market vendors ,Blood donation camp ,Giving day to day essentials items to Our dhakis who have served us for 30 long years.


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