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Once you login to the app, by default it takes you to the Home page.  This page loads the list of nearby businesses around your current location. Currently, the app lists the most popular businesses nearby and shows a maximum of 20 results.In the list of businesses being shown, "R" on the business icon signifies that this business is registered with us.

For each of the businesses, the app shows the business name, address along with the Wait time “W” and Queue length “Q”.  Both “W” and “Q” gives you an idea of how long you will have to wait and how crowded is the place you are heading in. These information will help you plan accordingly.

It also shows how long ago the information was reported if the business is not registered with us.However if the business is registered with us and the Queue is open for the business, you will get to see the text "Live" below the Wait time and Queue length.

Below the address of the business, you will see the Operating mode. This signifies whether the business is open, closed, operating with limited entry, having only curb side pickup or online delivery.


If you are a registered user, you will have the privilege of viewing your favorite businesses. When you click on the favorite icon at the bottom of your screen, you’ll get to see all the businesses that you have marked as your favorites. If you have not marked any of the businesses as your favorite, this section will have nothing to show.

Check in:

If you are a registered user, you will have the privilege to view the list of businesses where you have checked in by clicking on the check in icon. A count of the businesses where you have checked in will be shown on the icon as well.


You can filter the nearby businesses based on the business type. You will find the following types of businesses once you click on the filter icon.

  1. Registered businesses around me

  2. Banks

  3. Convenience stores

  4. Department stores

  5. Gas Stations

  6. Groceries & Super markets

  7. Liquor businesses

  8. Pharmacies

  9. Restaurants

  10. Salons

  11. Walk-in-clinics

Clicking on "Registered business around me" will show you the list of businesses near you, which are registered with us.However only those businesses which appear in the Business List, will be shown to you when you click on this.

Clicking on the rest of the filter items will show you the relevant businesses nearby you. For example if you click on Banks and financial institutions, all the nearby banks and financial institutions up to a maximum of 20 will be shown to you.


You can search for any particular business of your choice. Click on the search icon at the bottom right of your screen and you will get a search box. In the search box type in the name of the business and click on the search icon on the search box. Now you will get to see the businesses which matches with your search criteria and is also nearby your locality. If there are no businesses which matches with your search, no businesses will be shown in the screen and you will get to see a message “Nothing to show”.


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