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Why I cannot check in to a business?

Well, check in is a feature available to you for a business, only when the business is registered with us. If the business is not registered with us, all you can do is click on "Report Now" and specify the Wait time and Queue length, so that others get an idea about the Queue before heading towards that business.

However you still might not be able to check in for a business which is registered, only when the business has not opened the Queue for the day and you will get to see a text "Queue is closed" in the screen. The business might not be ready yet and so has not opened the Queue.You can complete your other work and check again after some time to find whether the business has opened the Queue.

if you cannot check in to a business and also do not see the text "Queue is closed", it means the business has restricted user app check in. Only the business will be able to check in it's customers through their business app. Please contact the business in such cases.


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